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The Anchor House is Officially Open

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A Word from our President, Mike Eggleston

Hebrews 11:1 – “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. 

This scripture encapsulates the spirit of the anti-human trafficking movement and of our pioneers, Chris and Anna Smith, Co-Founders of Restore One, and Linda Royster, our Executive Director.  When they began this journey over six years ago, there was no template of how to build a home for boys who had been sexually exploited; for no one else was doing it and some denied boys were being victimized in this manner, at all.  They were certain of what no one else saw, and sure what God had placed on their hearts to do.  And so, they went on, in faith, that God would lead them at each step and help them overcome each obstacle…and He did!  Today we stand at the beginning of The Anchor House as a reality – a place where boys who have been sexually trafficked can come to live in love, healing and restoration.  I am so honored to work alongside Linda, Chris and Anna, and so thankful that they had the vision to do what no one else was doing.  Please read their stories below, and continue to support us with your prayers, your service and your donations. 

“Faith Opens Doors” – Chris and Anna Smith, Co-Founders

Bright eyed and full of youthful zest, Chris and I wholeheartedly believed in God’s ability to forge The Anchor House into existence. Although we cast a beautiful dream, the calling to build this home was not without heartache and toil. Our team faced unimaginable spiritual warfare, flooding, and controversy as we sought to follow God’s heart to restore boys from a life of horror and sexual violence. In these moments of hardship, we are so grateful we did not lose sight of the dream to one day get the doors of The Anchor House open.

Now, nearly six and half years after the initial vision, Restore One is opening the doors of The Anchor House to receive boys, Hallelujah!  Through God's faithfulness and your support, the impossibility of this ministry has been made possible. Our hearts bear enormous gratitude as we share and celebrate this new season.  God's devotion to see boys restored out of sex trafficking is evident, and in the process, He has been loyal to fulfill a youthful dream into a substantial life-changing ministry.

 Now in the coming months, we will see the fruit of our corporate faith come to life as the staff at The Anchor House begin the journey of healing with four extraordinary boys. Our request for you is that you continue the chain of belief; for our work of restoration has only started. By faith, our task is now to believe in the hope of recovery to rise within The Anchor House residents, who likely are just praying to live through the night. It's daring and stunning to join you in seeing four remarkable boys receive a chance at getting their life back. This, our dear friends, is the work of the Kingdom! May our faith continue to rise! 

“You have not passed this way before” – Linda Royster, Executive Director

Finally, The Anchor House has received its license to operate as a residential child care facility in NC! It has come not a moment too soon, although we preferred to have opened in the Fall of 2016 when construction was completed.  In both public and private spaces, we have experienced setbacks, roadblocks, opposition and God’s undeniable favor. We have come close to opening in prior seasons, but never crossed the finish line of this phase until now.

At The Anchor House, one season has ended and another is beginning. As the realization grew that we would become a licensed facility, one unrelenting phrase came to mind, “for you have not passed this way before” Joshua 3:4. In part, I know why this passage of Scripture would not leave me. As Executive Director, I and my team, need to know that God has gone before us, cleared the pathway, and held back the waters for us to pass into this new season.  As long as we focus on following God’s lead, we will know how to adjust our program of care to meet the unique needs of our residents and staff. Secondly, God is in our midst- bringing us safety, protection, peace, wisdom, and joy. We are called to participate in the restoration of those who have experienced unthinkable darkness. We need to know that in addition to our skill, training, and compassion that it is God’s presence that will make healing and transformation possible. Lastly, not only does God go before us, but also follows after us, ensuring our safe passage into the space we are meant to occupy. We recognize that the work we are called to is holy and the outcome is extravagant, it is more than what we have ever seen.

I am both excited and sobered by the privilege of developing a program of care for boys 12-18 years old who have been sex trafficked or sexually exploited. I could not be more proud of my staff, a team of men and women who have signed up to run toward the wounded. May they be blessed forever. To our beloved boys, we worship God because of who you are and who you will become. Thank you for choosing to trust us!

To those of you who support us financially and/or by prayer, thank you! You are as much on the frontline as any of us. Your generosity and sacrifice are overwhelming. You are changing the course of history with each fervent and effectual prayer, with each financial gift, and with each need you meet. Who, but God, knows how the impact of your partnership will change our residents and ripple throughout the world?

As a team, we have worked hard to get to this point, but we “have not passed this way before”. To that, my heart responds, Immanuel! Immanuel!

Thank You & God Bless,

Restore One Team

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