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A Message from Linda Royster, Executive Director

“Thank you for your interest in applying to The Anchor House to become a resident in our program of care for boys 12-18 years old who have been sex trafficked and/or sexually exploited. Seeking care and restoration is a courageous step forward. We will do our best to make this process as expedient as possible for you. Given that we are not an emergency shelter, our admission's process might move more slowly than you desire. In part, it is because of our effort to collect as much information about you for the primary purpose of determining if we can provide the scope and degree of care you need for restoration and healing. Hopefully, you, your guardian, and our team here at The Anchor House can work together in an efficient and timely manner to move you through our admission’s process with care and as swiftly as possible. We have been thinking of you and praying for you since the vision was cast many years ago. Blessings on your admission’s process and we hope to see you soon!”

Linda Royster

Executive Director

The Anchor House


A Pre-Admission's process must be completed on applicants prior to their admission to the program. The pre-admission's process will include an interview with the applicant, the professional making the referral, the parent/guardian, and any other parties to the applicant’s case. 

The parent/guardian/legal custodian/applicant will complete an Application/Intake study for services to place the child.

The Executive Director, or designee, will review all applications submitted. Those that do not meet the admission's criteria, or have items missing from the packet, will be informed as soon as possible.

An interview will be scheduled for those applicants who meet admission's criteria and have submitted a complete packet. Prior to scheduling an interview, the referring party will be informed of an approximate date for the next projected opening.

The following is a list of items needed to complete the admission's screening process:

• Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

• Most recent OHFSA (Out of Home Family Services Agreement) and/or PCP (if applicable)

• Diagnostic Summary (if applicable)

• Summary of recent IEP or related school information

• Medical history

Once the initial interview has been held, a decision on accepting the applicant will be made as soon as possible. If the applicant is accepted, we will need the following items prior to admission:

• copy of birth certificate

• copy of Medicaid and/or insurance card

• immunization record

• current medical examination (within the last 12 months)

• withdrawal from current school if necessary

• copy of court orders

• visitation/contact plan

• current prescribed medications and dosages, doctor’s order

• medication release of information

• permission to seek emergency medical care

• emergency contact information

• authorization to administer non-prescription medication

• consent for overnight and other travel

• consent for audio-visual recording, if applicable

• signed placement agreement

(Please note that this list may be amended in the future)


To submit your application for services and supporting documents, please send it through our secure fax at: 252-746-1321

Once you have moved through our Pre-admission's process, we will begin your admission's process.”