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A study by The John Jay College and the Center for Court Innovation estimated that, in 2008, as high as 50% of the commercially sexually exploited (CSE) children in the United States were boys.* In a related study done in Alberta, Canada, Dr. Susan McIntyre notes that “residential and supportive services were seen as needs by 84% of CSE men and boys.”*

Data and statistics prove the reality. For us, though, there really is no need for numbers. One male, one boy, is enough for our hearts to be moved with sorrow, and to be moved to action. We at Restore One are convinced that restorative care for boys and men is more than a necessity; it is a long­overdue requirement.

The global issue of human sex trafficking is well­ known. Yet America, one of the richest countries in the world, fails to recognize the vast number of males that are affected by this abusive phenomenon. It is appalling that the general population, while acknowledging the repulsive truth about sex trafficking, chooses to disregard the harsh reality of men and boys who are involuntarily caught up in the dark underworld of sex slavery. The crime is alive and well; the men and boys involved, however, are quite the opposite. Their suffering is real. The damage is unspeakable.

Our mission is to repair the damages sex trafficking has done to men and boys, a population that is sadly overlooked and grossly underrepresented when considering CSE crimes. Continuing to leave the issue of male sex trafficking unaddressed only reinforces the repetitive cycle and does no more than resolve victims to give in to their enslavement. Moreover, it leaves no room for boys and men to receive the care they so desperately deserve for complete healing and personal development.

In order to renew hope in CSE men and boys, restorative care is the answer for healing and hope.

Restoration and renewal will be a long journey for CSE men and boys; The Anchor House will be a dedicated safe haven that will ensure outstanding advocacy, holistic therapy and nurturing progress on their way to healing. Source: ECPAT USA And Boys Too

Source: ECPAT USA And Boys Too