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Restore One Ambassadors are people like you; the extraordinary voices looking for a way to influence your community and the movement to end human trafficking. Restore One Ambassadors operate as volunteers for Restore One Life so we can multiply our influence throughout our country. Restore One Life hopes to awaken our nation to the reality of human trafficking of boys and men in America by instructing, training and uniting enthusiastic freedom fighters to end this horrific injustice affecting thousands of our boys and men.

Restore One will support its Ambassadors by providing you with the information and resources you need to promote awareness and make a difference in your community. Restore One Ambassadors are required to enroll in an online or in-person training class to acquire the fundamentals of domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) including terminology, grooming and control techniques, recruitment methods, victim markers, the full spectrum of the subject matter, and techniques to take action on this issue.

Restore One will provide for its Ambassadors: presentations, fact sheets, documents, and other resources. Restore One Ambassadors are responsible for speaking at local events for churches, community groups, schools, and anti-trafficking conferences and campaigns.

You can be a Restore One Ambassador to young boys and men bound by the chains of modern day slavery. You can be the advocate that brings about awareness to your community. You can be the messenger that informs others of human trafficking– those unaware of this atrocity.