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Sex trafficking is a worldwide epidemic, a tragedy that affects women, men and children. Men and boys throughout the United States are trapped in modern day slavery and forced to sell their bodies for sex. While the movement of sex trafficking has brought large awareness to female victims of trafficking, males have largely been overlooked. BOY$, seeks to do just that – bring validity to the truth that males are victims of sex trafficking, here in the United States. 

In January 2014, Restore One Co-Founders, Chris & Anna, joined forces with Black Tree Media Group to travel across the United States to film BOY$. Through interviews with service care providers, male survivors and those in the field of Abolition, we hope to gain an understanding of what male sex trafficking looks like within the United States and how we can help male survivors have a voice. BOY$, once produced, will be sold to financially benefit The Anchor House, the first restoration shelter in the nation for sex trafficked boys.