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Donor Spotlight: Meet the Harris Family

Scott & Donnica Harris

Scott & Donnica Harris

Scott and Donnica Harris first heard about Restore One when Chris and Anna shared their burden for boys in human trafficking at the Church on 68 in Greensboro, NC. “We were astounded by the statistics and how prevalent sex trafficking is in the southeast and even our home state,” Scott said. Scott and Donnica assumed it to be a “big city” or even a foreign problem, but in fact human trafficking was destroying people right here. They’re interest in Restore One spiked when they realized that there was a lack of resources available to help in the restoration of these lives, specifically male victims.

“Thank God, Chris and Anna presented us with an opportunity to partner with them that day,” Scott said. “Instead of leaving feeling heavy with responsibility of the statistics we had just learned, Chris and Anna imparted their passion and vision for Restore One into our church family and into our hearts that day. We could help! We could change lives!” Scott said that putting your hand on the plow feels great. “Whether it’s money, time, talents, we all have ways we can contribute and give back to our community; especially when you hear the heart of Chris and Anna and be able to give towards that,” Scott said.

“Whether it’s money, time, talents, we all have ways we can contribute and give back to our community”

Donnica said that it is truly exciting and satisfying to support Restore One financially. “When faced with an issue as enormous as sex trafficking, it would be easy to assume that Scott and I alone couldn’t make a difference. But partnering with Restore One has given me a sense of freedom in that I don’t have to learn how to run a non-profit or get a counseling degree to impact lives for the better,” Donnica said.

Scott and Donnica support Restore One prayerfully and financially because they are growing in relationship with Chris and Anna and enjoy hearing their passion for Restore One. But also because of their personal beliefs that their finances are assigned to build the Kingdom of God. They would tell anyone who is thinking about getting involved with Restore One to do it. “Get to know Restore One. Get to know Chris and Anna. Get to know the organization and the vision. We want them to be the first to break out so others can see and hear about what they are doing and join in. We want their vision to be contagious and The Anchor House to be a prototype for others throughout the nation until we see sex trafficking abolished” Scott said.

In Scott’s free time he is a full time artist in Greensboro, NC, and the owner of Harris Design Studios. He is looking forward to donating art to The Anchor House and using his talent to raise funds for Restore One. Donnica works as an oncology nurse and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in holistic nutrition. Together they enjoy hiking, traveling and being disappointed by the Minnesota Vikings.

Thank you so much for being a volunteer/donor at Restore One. We look forward to opening The Anchor House in 2017, and we could not do this work without you. Thanks!

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