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Staff Spotlight: Meet Linda Royster

            Linda Royster completed her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC while also working with adolescent boys and girls at a local mental health hospital. And she is now the Director of Restorative Care for Restore One.

            Linda became involved through a mutual friend who know that her vision and training paired well with Restore One’s mission to provide care for those affected by trauma, particularly, men and boys.

Reclaiming the desires of the soul that were stolen, disfigured, or driven underground psychologically may be the most difficult work for some of our residents, but no less important. - Linda Royster

            One of the first experiences and clearest memories that Linda remembers from Restore One is when she met Anna and two members of the Advisory Board at Panera Bread in Raleigh. “The four of us talked about trauma, its impact, what recovery looks like, and the reality of spiritual warfare. We shared our vision of what The Anchor House could offer boys who have been sex trafficked. We laughed. We became more acquainted with each other,” Royster said.

            Linda also said that while all of that was taking place, they got to listen and watch as the Holy Spirit melded their dreams and joined their desires to partner with Jesus in bringing robust care to underserved victims of sex trafficking.

         She continues to support Restore One because she believes as a young organization, that every type and level of support is critically important. “There are various ways to support The Anchor House. Whether it is financial gifts, material donations, donated services, and/or effectual fervent prayers, we need support. The work of The Anchor House is unique and necessary. I support Restore One because our work touches the heart of God,” Royster said.

We need committed people to pray effectual and fervent prayers for us and our residents. - Linda Royster

We need committed people to pray effectual and fervent prayers for us and our residents. - Linda Royster

         Her favorite part of being a staff member for Restore One is being able to participate in the co-creation of a restorative care program that has the potential to transform boys by giving them a future and sturdy hope.

         When Linda isn’t working she enjoys painting, reading and sharing time with those who are most important to her.