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“While I had understanding from my past experiences and years in the field, I did not fully grasp the weight of the issue until I came face-to- face with some of the bravest and strongest men and boys I know, my survivor brothers.”
Anna Smith, Co-Founder


Summer of Strength: An Invitation from Anna

More than anything, the modern-day field of abolition has been infatuated by the concept that
only women and girls are victims of sexual trafficking. With that statement, I want to
acknowledge my personal gratitude for the awareness and education surrounding female sex
trafficking. Many of my friends and allies in the field work for or are founders of organizations
doing great work restoring the lives of many female survivors. And I want to challenge the field
of abolition on the topic of discrimination of male survivors. If we keep our marketing,
language, research and program implantation solely female centered we are not only failing
male survivors but we are also feeding into the culture norms that create barriers we are bound
in. Sexual trafficking knows no discrimination, neither should the field of abolition.
While I acknowledge these as our realities, I do believe change is happening and will continue
to happen. Over the past few years it’s been encouraging to witness male survivors start to
education at national conferences. Now many frontline speakers and educators include boys
and men into their presentations. My hope is The Anchor House is just the beginning to safe
homes opening up all across America. I believe that in the years to come more men will be
empowered to offer their voice to educate us and change the mindset of our culture. Change is
among us and freedom is more contagious than the constraints of society. Our innate ability
to dream past our unsteady reality into a future full of hope will only propel us to trust that
change is possible.

Will you join us?


Yes, you too have a story...

Summer of Strength, happening June – August 2018, is our national campaign to raise
awareness of male sex trafficking and provide you an invitation to grow in how you hold your own story. Yes, you too have a story. You may not be a survivor of sexual abuse or trafficking,
but I am certain you have your own story of trials and tribulation.

“We are continually being invited to grow in how well we hold stories, including our own. As I see it, each story has a reverberating message that reaches us today which is Jesus’s utter willingness to rule over death and loss on our behalf whether or not we are actively seeking restoration and whether or not restoration happens the way we imagined. I wonder if that leads us to places of quiet rest; confident that Jesus sees us and is moved with compassion.”
Executive Director, Linda Royster

Our Agenda

Summer of Strength features blogs, Facebook Live sessions, a free devotional download
and candid conversation surrounding these key themes:

June - Strength To Name
July - Strength To Heal
August - Strength To Soar

June Kick-Off
Every Monday night in June from 8 pm – 8:30 pm EST, we will go live on the Restore One
Facebook page. We have a special line up of guests joining us and you won’t want to miss!


Our Financial Goal

Summer of Strength is also a giving campaign for The Anchor House operations. We are seeking
to raise $100,000 by August 15 th towards the $430,000 needed to operate in 2018. Two foundations have provided a combined $50,000 to be utilized as a matching gift for this campaign. All gifts provided during Summer of Strength will be DOUBLED up to $50,000! We need your support.

Please make sure to follow Summer of Strength on Facebook all summer long! We hope you
will be encouraged by the emails and communication provided during this campaign. Please
invite your friends and family to “like” our page. The more people we can reach the better!