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Donor Spotlight: Meet Travis & Maggie Bartlett

Travis Bartlett attended East Carolina University and lived in Greenville, NC for over five years which is where he met Chris and Anna originally. He became invested in their mission at Restore One and began working with them as their graphic designer. Bartlett had a great first impression of the work being done at Restore One by Chris and Anna, “I was blown away by their dedication, commitment and passion for the mission.”

Travis & Maggie Bartlett

Travis & Maggie Bartlett


Travis Bartlett and his wife Maggie Bartlett had one question when it came to donating to Restore One, “if not now, when?” To that they answered, “the time will never be right or perfect to give, volunteer or get involved. If an issue, organization or person is tugging on your heart, listen, be obedient and say yes. This is a worthy cause and even though we can’t do everything, we can do something.” They value their continued relationship with Chris and Anna and believe deeply in the work that is being done at Restore One. “We love remaining connected to the mission and informed about how to fight domestic minor sex trafficking. It’s exciting to watch Restore One grow and make moves in the community,” stated Travis and Maggie.

Being connected to Restore One’s mission as a donor is a unique and incredibly important way to fight against domestic minor sex trafficking. - Travis & Maggie Bartlett

After answering the important question of “if not now, when?” they began supporting Restore One regularly because of Maggie’s experience when she lived in Kenya, “she worked with women and girls who were recovering victims of sex trafficking, rape and prostitution. She became deeply passionate about victims of sexual violence finding healing and redemption and rediscovering their worth. Being connected to Restore One’s mission as a donor is a unique and incredibly important way to fight against domestic minor sex trafficking. We believe in Chris and Anna and their team, and stand behind their steadfast work at Restore One. We cannot do everything, but we can do something. Monthly contributions are one small way to be a part of something incredibly important and powerful,” said Travis. If there was one thing they wish people knew about Restore One, it would be that they knew that it truly does make a difference in the community.

Travis and Maggie are from Denver, Colorado and in their free time they travel and love exploring the Colorado mountains on backpacking, hiking and fishing trips. “We love hosting and visiting with family and friends who are involved with Young Life in Colorado. We also eat out way too often and are always down to watch another re-run of Friends,” said Travis.         

Thank you so much for being a volunteer/donor at Restore One. We look forward to opening The Anchor House in 2017, and we could not do this work without you. Thanks!