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Sex trafficking is a worldwide epidemic, a tragedy that affects women, men and children. While the movement to stop sex trafficking has brought large awareness to female victims of trafficking, males have largely been overlooked and underserved.

Over 5 years ago, Restore One Co-Founders Chris & Anna Smith joined forces with Peel Creative to travel across the country to film the BOYS Documentary. Through interviews with service care providers, male survivors and those in the field of Abolition, the BOYS Documentary brings validity to the truth that males are victims of sex trafficking in America. It puts faces and real-life stories on this difficult and growing problem.

This Spring, Restore One is taking the film on the road. We aim to raise awareness of this issue and create dialogue around the identification of male sex trafficking and restoration of those victimized. This film provides an opportunity to gather key community stakeholders, nonprofit organizations and the general public around this important issue with the ultimate goal of seeing more boys identified and helped.

The following dates and cities have been confirmed for the nationwide tour:

Other cities we are finalizing for the tour include: Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Kansas City, Nashville and Greenville, SC. There is no charge to attend a screening.

If you would like to see the film screened in a city not on our current list, please contact us to discuss.

We invite you to preview one of the three trailers below and we ask you to pray specifically around this initiative.

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We are seeking sponsors to help underwrite the costs associated with this tour. Please contact us for more information below. Sponsorship levels range between $250 - $10,000.

Thank you!

Emily Fitchpatrick,

Director of Development