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Welcome to #Jeanuary

Welcome to #Jeanuary

#Jeanuary is an annual fundraiser for Restore One and Anchor House. It is so much more than a fundraiser though! It came from the idea of Dressember and making a commitment to wear dresses and spark conversations about human trafficking. We decided, why allow the momentum to stop once December ends A joke was made on a Dressember post about how, “Now it’s time for Jeanuary!” and our movement was born.

The last four years have shown Rethink Trauma opening the eyes of people to the plight of young men and boys across the globe. Many are not even aware that boys and men can be victims of slavery! From the boys in the fishing villages and rose farms of Africa and India to the boys here in the US fleeing sex and labor trafficking, we want to spark hope and change.

Each day of Jeanuary we offer information about how trafficking affects boys and men. Each day we also evoke a call to respond to this urgent need by supporting the work of Restore One. We believe in the idea of thinking globally and acting locally. Restoration is possible and we believe that everyone who needs it should have access to rehabilitative care. Boys are an underserved group of those who are in desperate need of very real salvation and Anchor House is a beginning and a model of what we hope to be a global movement.

Rethink Trauma hopes that you will answer our call to action and start a conversation, donate, share our message with others, and even participate alongside us this Jeanuary! - @RethinkTrauma 


Who is Rethink Trauma?

Rethink Trauma is an organization dedicated to fighting stigma surrounding trauma and trauma related disorders. 

Our biggest project is organizing The Teal Pages, and online directory of mental health and rehabilitative resources which includes all of the USA. 

We hope to create an audited index so that people who are seeking help can know they are getting the right information the first time. Whether it is looking for a Trauma-informed support group, doctors or therapists who take their insurance, or faith based programs we want one searchable database where help can be found.

We also plan to develop curriculums to train law enforcement, clergy, teachers, and other groups of professionals how to use the database and intervene in mental heath crisis and connect those suffering to help.

We hope you will take the leap and join us for #Jeanuary