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Summer Newsletter - 2018


Dear Friends,

This summer we launched a national campaign called Summer of Strength. All summer we are raising awareness about the sexual trafficking of boys and men on social media, providing encouraging blogs and stories of strength, hosting Facebook Live sessions with team members and inviting our friends to pray with our 7 days of prayer and reflection download found on our website. More than anything, we are challenging the social norm. Most of United States society, and even some modern-day workers in the field of abolition have been duped into believing that only foreign-born women and girls are victims of sexual trafficking. With that statement, I want to acknowledge my personal gratitude for the awareness and education surrounding female sex trafficking that has occurred over the last decade. Many of my friends and allies in the field work for, or are founders of, organizations doing great work restoring the lives of many female survivors; I simply want to challenge the field of abolition on the topic of discrimination of male survivors. If we keep our marketing, language, research and program implementation solely female centered we are not only failing male survivors but we are also feeding into the culture norms that create barriers that bind us. Sexual trafficking knows no discrimination, neither should the field of abolition. While I acknowledge these as our realities, I do believe change is happening and will continue to happen. Over the past few years it’s been encouraging to witness male survivors start to appear at national conferences. Now many frontline speakers and educators include boys and men into their presentations.

“While I had understanding
from my past experiences
and years in the field, I did
not fully grasp the weight
of the issue until I came
face-to- face with some of
the bravest and strongest
men and boys I know, my
survivor brothers.”
Anna Smith, Co-Founder

My hope is The Anchor House opening is just the beginning of safe homes opening up all across America. I believe that in the years to come, more men will be empowered to offer their voice to educate us and change the mindset of our culture. Change is among us and freedom is more contagious than the constraints of society. Our innate ability to dream past our unsteady reality into a future full of hope will only propel us to trust that change is possible. You are part of that change! By supporting Restore One and The Anchor House you are providing hope and restoration to boys ages 12-18 that have survived sexual exploitation. I pray you know how important your support and prayers are to our organization. We are so grateful for your friendship. Our team is praying for you!

I hope you find the enclosed updates encouraging and realize this could not be done without you.

Have a blessed summer,



Kenn Pritchard has lived in Greenville, NC since he arrived to attend East Carolina University in the Fall of 1988 and attended Opendoor Church. His ministry has included volunteer work as youth leader, children’s teacher/team lead, life group leader, “sound guy” for the worship team, several non-profit board memberships, and camp roles from cabin counselor to camp pastor. Professionally he has been a counselor for the past 8 years specializing in issues of mental health and substance use. Kenn has worked in adolescent group homes (Level III) and therapeutic foster care (Level II), adult acute residential/hospital, and outpatient settings with all ages. His heart for youth, relational approach to ministry, and professional experience led to his enthusiastic acceptance of the invitation to join the Anchor House advisory board for in 2013.

Crystal Pritchard has a heart for children and for missions. She has worked in the dental field for over thirteen years as a Dental Hygienist working with underprivileged families and sees this experience as what launched her into service for others. She is a Greenville native but loves to travel abroad! She has traveled to Belize and Malawi Africa for several short-term mission trips teaching children about Christ and working to encourage them in their circumstance to know their worth as how God sees them and not man. She has worked in leadership at Opendoor Church in their children's department for several years and has helped organize their annual Kids Conference.

With a shared heart for worship and ministry, Kenn and his wife Crystal co-founded One Worship Fest, a community driven worship experience for families in and around Greenville. Together the Pritchards have a strong commitment to adding to the legacy of God’s Love, and they will continue to speak life into and over children who have not experienced abundant life.



Tenea, a native of Georgia has been involved in community service since the age of 15, often volunteering her time in various projects involving those less fortunate. She studied Religion at the University of Mount Olive in New Bern, NC. In 2010, she co-founded a 501C3 non-prot organization designed to prepare students for post-secondary education. To date she has helped those students receive over $80,000 in scholarships. Tenea has spent the past 10 years, facilitating workshops on education, and overcoming the effects of sexual abuse. She is passionate about empowering those that are survivors and makes it her life’s mission to promote the power of resiliency.


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As of June 25th, we have raised $203,727 of our needed $430,000 to meet our 2018 budget for
Restore One and The Anchor House operations.

During Summer of Strength, two generous donors have provided a matching challenge and all
donations made by August 15th will be doubled, up to $50,000!
This is a tremendous blessing
for us! Please consider a gift to help us meet our goal. In turn, we can provide the highest level of
care possible to the boys we serve.