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Q&A with the Restore One Board | Update on The Anchor House

Hello Friends,

Our Executive Board here at Restore One recently sent out a donor survey. Our intent was to evaluate our methods of communication and address any questions or concerns. 

The responses were very helpful and encouraging! If you did not have the chance to take the survey, you can do so here:

We'd like to take the opportunity to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions we have not covered, please email our Director of Development, Emily Fitchpatrick at

If you would like to be added to our email list you can do so below: 

1)    When will The Anchor House open?

We are VERY close. The process of getting The Anchor House to this point has been laborious. Opposition from our local community, the flood and red tape from social services have all contributed to a much slower process than we expected. Our licensing consultant has reviewed our policies and procedures; however, before we can receive final approval the staff must be hired. This is in the works. Our Executive Director, Linda, has recently hired our Education Coordinator and one of the Residential Care Specialist. To be honest, the pool of qualified applicants has been slim. Linda and the Executive Board are heavily recruiting and interviewing. Please be in prayer specifically for this process. Once completed, we can move forward with final inspections, receive our licensure and being accepting residents!  

2)    Have there been any tangible results so far?

Many people do not realize this, but we do serve boys outside of The Anchor House. In the last year, we have served 6 boys and men through referrals and mentoring. 

3)    Are there any national partnerships that you are affiliated with?

Restore One is not directly affiliated with any national organization, however, we do receive referrals from other organizations and agencies nationally. We have attended and presented at various anti-trafficking conferences over the years ( ex. JuST Conference hosted by 

5)    Where can supplies be dropped off in Greenville, NC for The Anchor House? 

Mary Mayo, Restore One's Executive Assistant, can assist you with dropping off supplies for The Anchor House. You can reach Mary by email,

6)    How can I become a volunteer?

Social services expect volunteers to go through the same training and screening process as staff. Volunteers are required to receive 24 hours of continuing education per year (we provide), TB test, physical exam, background check and provide a high school or college diploma. If you feel led to become a volunteer and this process does not scare you away, we’d love to have you! We will post volunteer needs and the application on our website once the home is open.