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Donor Spotlight: Meet Debbie Mayer

Debbie Mayer became involved with Restore One through one of the numerous anti-trafficking, rescue and restoration organizations that she follows on social media. “About six years ago, we attended a screening of Nefarious and that was it for us. I found I couldn’t stop talking and
trying to raise awareness about the horrors of human sex trafficking,” Mayer said. “I started to educate myself about it, went to a trafficking conference in our city and started following, via social media, non-profits in the fight.”



She found that as time went on and as she became more involved in raising awareness about human sex trafficking that there was one question that she asked everyone: what about the boys?
“Every article, book, documentary and organization treated them as an afterthought. It was always ‘and it happens to boys too’,” Mayer said. “So when I learned there were no restoration facilities in the whole nation for boys, I was shocked!” That’s when she soon learned about Chris and Anna and what they were doing with The Anchor House.

“When I learned about Chris and Anna and their efforts to open a home for these forgotten boys, my husband and I were in,” Mayer said. “Our monetary support is small, but our prayers are big.”
Debbie said that her and her husband live pretty far away so physical support isn’t possible, but if they were closer they’d be here for everything Restore One related. She said that people would be surprised to know that after years of working with children, that she is capable of still
acting like a four-year- old when necessary.

“I’ll do anything to make a child laugh, I’m fairly quiet and laid-back in public though,” Mayer said.
Debbie and her husband have two sons, a daughter and a grandson. So they love spending time with their family in their free time. She said they also love being in God’s beautiful creation.
“We both feel God’s presence most strongly in nature and love the Smoky Mountains,” Mayer said.
She said she enjoys reading and her husband enjoys driving his ’66 convertible Mustang, but together they are both guilty of binge watching Netflix.

Thank you so much for being a volunteer/donor at Restore One. We look forward to opening The Anchor House in 2017, and we could not do this work without you. Thanks!