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Board Member Spotlight: Meet Pastor Brian Maciaszek & Patrick Porter

Meet Pastor Brian Maciaszek, Board Treasure & Secretary

“One day two 24 year old kids came to me and said they were going to open an a boys home for sex trafficked boys. I said, ‘that [is] great,’ and I honestly thought their ambition was greater than their ability. As time went on I learned it was their faith that was greater than their ability and I admired them for that immensely.” Brian Maciaszek currently serves on the Board of Restore One as both Treasurer and Secretary. He oversees the financials, keeps records of meetings, and ensures that Robert’s Rules of Order are followed.


Mr. Maciaszek sees Restore One as an avenue for increasing the value of human life, particularly for the underserved population of sex trafficked boys. In his spare time, Mr. Maciaszek enjoys spending time with his family which includes five children with one on the way!

Meet Patrick Porter, Board Member at Large

“After attending the first banquet for Restore One I was heartbroken to hear of the stories of kids that are/were sex trafficked.  I, like many I am sure, were not aware of the numbers of kids that are trapped in this evil world.  I was also amazed that there was no organized homes for boys to be able to receive restorative care and to be able to be loved and shown the love of a heavenly father that cherishes them and wants what is best for them.  It has been an honor to serve and play a very small part in helping Restore One reach the mission of opening the first home for boys and to start serving these boys with the love and care they deserve.”


As a Member at Large, Patrick Porter attends meetings to help make decisions regarding the Anchor House and ministry. Additionally, Mr. Porter volunteers time to assist with needs at the Anchor House and elsewhere as they arise.

Mr. Porter and his wife support Restore One because they believe the ministry is well equipped to assist boys who have been victims of sex trafficking in helping to restore dignity, value, and self-worth. When he is not volunteering in his spare time, Mr. Porter enjoys spending time with his wife and their two sons on the water tubing, fishing, or skiing. The family loves to travel around the country and the world.

THANK YOU, from everyone we are so thankful for board members like Pastor Brian and Patrick Porter. Thank you both for serving and beleiving in the mission of Restore One.

We invite you to partner with us in this life changing work.