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Call to Prayer

As we have been thinking about the future of Restore One, we have discussed the importance of prayer and how spiritual warfare affects us on a daily basis. Not only have I seen the effects of prayer in my personal life in so many different ways, but I have seen the difference it has made in Restore One.

I think as Christians there are times where we assume prayer is going to happen without really having to put much effort forward. Those times can almost be like a habit if you grew up in a Christian home or Christian school or grew up in church. You just kinda know you're supposed to pray. Like before a meal, before a big trip or conference, before a meeting, when you wake up or go to sleep, things like that. Prayer just happens at those points for a lot of Christians including myself. 

I've been working on making prayer more constant in my day instead at just those habitual moments. I think sometimes I forget I serve a God who is all-powerful but also so reachable. Even though He is so good, and so much better than me, He wants to hear about my struggles through the day. When I put more effort to stay in communication with Him, I can hear and see the Holy Spirit in my life so much more clearly. I also began to see myself rest in Him, and not rely on my strength to get through hard situations as much.

Praying at The Anchor House

Praying at The Anchor House

Just like we see in our personal life the difference constant prayer makes, it's the same in a ministry. While Restore One is an organization, it's also a ministry. A ministry that sees spiritual warfare, but also just really terrible situations that can be very emotionally draining. We know the best way to not get burned out or to make it through the hard situations is to rely on His power by staying in communication with Him. That is why Restore One has decided to increase our prayer team meetings to once a week instead of once a month. We are super excited about this, and can't wait to see what God's gonna do through this time! If you are interested in joining, please see below, or please just keep us in your prayers when you can. The power of prayer is strong, and your prayers make a difference.

Much love,

Mary Soltow


Are you interested in joining the Restore One prayer team? If so, email Mary at