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Seeing Hope Come Alive

A couple weekends ago Chris and I had the opportunity to spend the day mentoring one of the boys that we’ve journeyed with over past year. His eyes are beaming with joy and happiness. His spirit is filled with light and hope. He is beginning to discover his gifts and talents. He is learning to trust and walk in healthy relationships. You will probably never meet him or know his face but you’ve stood with him by saying yes to Restore One. 

Every time I see freedom come alive in someone’s heart, it’s like the dawn. It’s a brilliant sunrise. It’s moment like these that captures me. It allows me to believe that God’s glory is real. 

I cannot help but stand in awe over the work of healing in this boy’s life. His freedom is a testimony that love is greater than any ounce of evil. It’s a statement that the entrapments of sex trafficking will not hold the final mark. It’s a seal of wholeness. I hope for more boys lives to be touched as The Anchor House opens. 

My friends, take a seat  for I believe this is only the beginning of the goodness that God will do through the ministry of Restore One. 

In Grace and Kindness,

Anna Smith