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Restoring The Anchor House

Over the past two weeks since The Anchor House flooded one thing has come to light and become very clear. People from all across America care about this mission, and want to see The Anchor House open. After these recent events, it would be easy to lose sight and hope, but with the continued love and support we have been shown, we remain focused and committed to what Jesus has called us to do.

As the team at Restore One sets its sights on the future, it is clear we have work to do. We hope to have the AH restored in the next two months, and if this happens it will not set us back from the timeline of opening the AH. Below is what has been donated and what we still need to restore the AH.

- Replacement of sheetrock (Donated)

- New insulation (Donated)

- Replacement of cabinets (Donated)

- Painting (Need)

- Flooring (Need)

- Replacement of doors (Need)

- Replacement of baseboards (Need)

- Landscaping (Need)

- Re-rock driveway (Need)

I would like to ask that you and your family prayfully consider joining us in these efforts. It is clear that there is a community of people that want to see this mission fulfilled, I invite you to join this community. A community that cares about boys that have been sex trafficked.

To donate to these efforts visit TheGoFundMe page

Below are a couple of events that are benefiting the restoration of The Anchor House.

Corey's Collectables