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leslie davis 

Leslie met Chris & Anna when they came to Ignite Church to speak about human trafficking in 2011. This was her introduction to the fact that human trafficking was a major problem in the world, that NC ranked in the top 10 states in the US, and that it was also happening right here in Pitt County. It wasn’t until Chris & Anna founded Restore One in 2012 that she recognized there was a way she could do her part to help in this fight. She started volunteering at Restore One and attending their Monday night prayer meetings.

In March 2013, Chris & Anna approached Leslie by surprise with the opportunity to be Restore One’s bookkeeper. God revealed to her this was an open door for her to use her God-given gifts and her Business degree earned 23 years earlier to fulfill a role in ministry that he was providing for her. She finds great joy fulfilling this role for God, Restore One and the victims and survivors of human trafficking.